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    Forum Rules

    Post by Aki on Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:07 pm

    1. About the rules:

    1.1. No one is above the rules, especially the staff and the administrator shouldn't break the rules unless there are special conditions, as they have to set an example for everyone.
    1.2. If the following rules should be broken by any member, the admin staff reserves itself the right to give you a warning. If you continue to disobey, the admin might ban without further notice.

    2. Harassment:

    2.1. Discrimination will not be tolerated in any way and is seen as a serious offense.
    2.2. Racism (skin color, race, origins, languages) won't be tolerated.
    2.3. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated either and is as well a serious offense against the rules and the individual you're harassing.
    2.4. Flaming has to be kept to a minimum, try giving an educated argument instead of shouting vulgarity.

    3. Respect:

    3.1. Be sure not to be disrespectful to anyone. If a fight occurs between two people, don't take sides. Try to calm them down or contact an administrator or moderator.
    3.2. If you're in a fight, please try to talk it out using maturity and humor.
    3.3. Don't continuously bother the staff to grade your material, it's quite rude as we already do what we can to get things done as fast as possible.

    4. Multiple accounts:

    4.1. Refrain from using multiple accounts, regardless of reasons. We have a way of checking out if people create multiple accounts. Continuously creating one might get you banned.

    5. Content:

    5.1. All adult (porn, hentai, ecchiness) content must go in the hentai section. Don't post disgusting shitty things everywhere.. If you disobey this rule more then once, you'll get banned.
    5.2. Refrain from advertising other forums. The only advertising we accept are in affiliation and that's by a button. We will only accept affiliation sites under certain conditions.

    6. Language:

    6.1. Do not go around spamming, especially if it's in combination with advertisement. It's plainly retarded or/and annoying.
    6.2. You can cuss if you want. lol

    7. Inactivity:

    7.1. Members that log on, that stay there, that don't even PM or write on the public forum for a period of 2 weeks after registration will see their accounts deleted/suspended.
    7.2. unless you explain your leave in the 'On leave' section, Users that haven't logged on or that are inactive for 2 continuous weeks will lose their place without notice

    8. Signatures and avatars:

    8.1. Both should be clean from any ecchiness.
    8.2. your signature shouldn't exceed 450 in width and 400 in height.

    Role-Playing Rules

    1. Role-playing:

    1.1. If you go in God-Mode (godmeddling) I will hurt you so bad you're going to cry.
    1.2. No autoying!!!!!! You can't control the someone else's characters, meaning you can't control her or his actions and neither inflict damage on him or her directly unless they accept the play. Wrong Example: "He hit him with a fire ball." Good Example: "He concentrated energy into his hands and fired a ball of fire at ****."
    1.3. If you couldn't do meta-gaming, it would be appreciated (meaning that your characters knows things he or she couldn't possibly have known.)
    1.4. OMG!!!!!!!! Do not Power-post!!!!!!!! This means that you're constantly posting before your turn or bump up your thread.
    1.5. Try to make your RP posts complete. Use " " when a character is talking. Create paragraphs, elaborate..... Almost like if you're writing a book!
    1.6. Personal issues towards someone should not exist out of role-playing neither should personal feelings be taken to role-playing. It helps keeping this community peaceful.

    2. Profiles:

    2.1. Do not roleplay before posting your character sheet. We need to know who your character is before you role-play.

    3. Content:

    3.1. The usage of alcohol : sake, rum... etc. is accepted.
    3.2. The usage of drugs is also accepted.
    3.3. You may RP by using sex, rape (in TASTEFUL writing ONLY, and as long as it's consensual.) If you do write rape, sex, the thread must contain a warning that it does or may contain such content (see Menos forest for an example).

    Character Sheets

    1. Character relationships:

    1.1. Your character cannot be married to an original Hellsing character... keep that for your personal fantasies.
    1.2. We won't allow characters that are presented to be the sons or daughters of an existing/original Vampire Knight character.... Being an estranged son/daughter is out of the question too.
    1.3. We will allow characters that are related to original Hellsing characters if they are sisters, cousins, nephews... But if you decide to do that, keep in mind that other made-ups might also be related to the same character as yours... BUT, if you can all respect each other, be all "siblings" and not fight, then I have no problems with it.
    1.4. Nothing is wrong in having a huge crush on an existing Hellsing character.... but don't screw around with him or have sex on a regular basis. Also, you can't claim a character as being only "in love" with your character. It's not fair for the others...
    1.5. If you want relationships with other made-ups, please contact the creator of the made-up so maybe you can work something out
    1.6. Please just think about how annoying it is to take a little of every existing Hellsing character to make your own... It isn't creative.
    1.7. Also, we don't care what you are on other sites. here, you are what you are. FINAL.
    1.8. You can't be everywhere and everything at the same time. Meaning that you can't claim being in the Hellsing Organization and be a member of the Vacitican....... It's one or the other. Not mixed.
    1.9. Take your time creating a sheet. The more original you are, the better you'll be appreciated!

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