Emeraude's Fragile Sister

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    Emeraude's Fragile Sister

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:32 pm

    Emeraude has this sister by the name of Znaica who is a bit different than Emeraude is, Znaica has short brown hair, black dress, and one black go-go boot, and one regular black boot. She is awfully shy so she wanted to make sure that nobody bothers her. One day, Emeraude called upon Zagato to see her sister Znaica, who is aged 19 years old. Zagato went to the balcony, and there is Znaica just standing there, but one thing about Znaica she has health problems.

    "Lady Znaica, you might get sick if you stand there by the cold wind on your face." Zagato said. Znaica turned to faced Priest Zagato. "Yes, you might be right about that." Znaica said. Znaica's last name is Paoldeath of course that's a different from Emeraude she is actaully Emeraude's half-sister, but she still treats her with such kindness. She really wanted to make sure that Znaica is treated with such care.

    Znaica came in, and rested on her bed because she wasn't feeling too good, and she wanted to be in perfect health when she goes to meets her sister Emeraude. She is the kind of girl who is always too shy to meet anyone, because she wanted to make sure that she does what she does she is supposed to be the Star Pillar to her sister Pillar, but she can't say much about that because she has to make sure that she sees all that is suposed to be done.

    Zagato was assigned by Emeraude to take care of her sister Znaica. Znaica can be usually be found by the cherry blossoms trees just looking at them with such peace by her face, and she wanted to be left alone for the time being because she wanted to do what she could do because she wanted to make sure that nobody gets hurts because of her, and she knows she would never get a boyfriend because she is always so fragile.

    Znaica turned to see Zagato standing right there looking at the cherry blossoms, and she wondered what's up. "What's up Priest Zagato?" Znaica asked. Zagato turned to face Znaica. "Well how many times did I say call me Zagato?" Zagato asked. Znaica is still looking at him. "Twenty times Zagato." Znaica said. Zagato smiled because of that, and he kept looking at her. "You are supposed to be inside Znaica." Zagato said. Znaica nodded, and went inside and looked at her sister Emeraude.

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