The Al Bhed Summoner

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    The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:46 pm

    Sephiroth steps off of the boat, heading for Besaid Village. "Great...what am I going to do now...I just killed the person that I was supposed to protect...." he says as he trudges down the well-beaten path.

    Lucrecia Crescent saw Sephiroth and smiled but she could speak English and she wanted to make sure that she finds a translator guardian and tried to make sure she asks him to be her guardian.

    Sephiroth, with his head down, has yet to see Lucrecia as he walks, murmuring to himself.

    Kai ran off the boat and down the street, a few people following him. How was he supposed to know that Al Bhed was hated in this island? He ran into Lucrecia, and got back up. "Sorry, are you-" seeing her eyes, Kai change to Al Bhed. "Yna oui ugyo, secc?"

    "Maign kantiy kad mtioanya sheonya fyed amntyao." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia recognize the language so she was comfortable around Kai Woods. She was trying to speak but she can only speak Al Bhed so she is having trouble of trying to get into Besaid as her speaking.

    Sephiroth continues to walk, then hears a slight noise, and turns around, looking right into Lucrecia's eyes. "Hmmm...." he says and then walks over in her direction, curious.

    "Fyed, fa gemmed?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth and smiled and trying to find the right words to tell him to be her guardian.

    Sephiroth stops as soon as he hears those words, yet doesn’t know what they mean. "I have heard that language before...what is it? And what are you trying to say to me?" he questions, not sure of what to do.

    A transparent boy dressed in all purple walked up to them and begain examining the small group. "Yes...She might just be the one." His hidden eyes moved from Lucrecia and onto Sephiroth. "I do wonder why the lifestream gave him another chance at life he almost destroyed it. But I shall not question the power of the lifestream, he was obviously sent here for a reason, even if he yet doesn’t know why." The boy laughed softly, "This is certainly an interesting turn of events, I do wonder if she I cant spoil the surprise they will find out in due time but for now I shall introduce myself and offer them my guidance." He snapped his fingers as time went to a stop only Kai, Sephiroth and Lucrecia still moving. The boy looked at Kai, "Who might he be? Ah, one of the marked ones. This certainly is an interesting day. Interesting indeed." He said and begain walking closer toward the group.

    "Fuimt oui pa so kiynteyh?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia looked at Kai hoping that would work that Sephiroth could become her guardian.

    Sephiroth, a bit confused as to what is going on, looks over to Kai. "Can you understand her?" he asks, “and don’t worry, I don’t care that your an Al Bhed, you wont get any resentment from me."

    "E fyhd oui du pa so kiynteyh E tuh'd lyna fryd oui tuha eh ouin bycd." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia is trying her hardest to say she want him to be her guardian, but still no luck.

    Sephiroth sighs, “I really need to learn Al Bhed..."

    "So hysa ec Milnaley Lnaclahd E's yh Ym Prat cissuhan yht E fyhd oui du pa so kiynteyh." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia doesn't really look like Al Bhed but when she talks sounds like an Al Bhed. She has some green to her eyes.

    Kai, who was a half-al Bhed, knew the language of both types. He turned to Lucrecia, and spoke. "Yh Ym Prat cissuhan oui cyo? Famm... oui tuh'd caas du ghuf pycel, cu oayr. E'mm lusa fedr oui; E's syehmo kuehk du pa y dnyhcmydun druikr, cu tuh'd aqbald sa du vekrd."
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:48 pm

    Having now acquired a headache from the Al Bhed that Lucrecia and Kai is saying, Sephiroth turns around, shouts some random obscenity, and then stands in one place. "This is so G*dd*mn confusing...." he exclaims, as he then falls backwards into the sand, laying there looking up at the sky.

    "Oh, hey Sephiroth! I didn't even notice you there." Kai sat by him, watching the birds in the sky.

    "Dryd'c ugyo E zicd haat y dnyhcmydun du ramba sa uid du cbayg du huh Ym Prat baubma E paah dnoehk du ycg Cabrenudr du pa so kiynteyh." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia looked at Kai with a smile on her face.

    "Yn, yg." Kai turned to Sephiroth. "She's an Al Bhed summoner, and she wants you to be her guardian for attacking. I'm her translator."

    “Rammu Cabrenudr yc ra cyet E fyhd oui du pa so kiynteyh. Fuimt oui bmayca pa so kiynteyh?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia is trying her hardest to be all right when Sephiroth can't even understand her.

    Sephiroth turns his head to look at Kai, kinda confused yet not,"I see...if that is what she wishes, then i shall become her Guardian...if right now only out of curiosity."

    "Dryhg oui Cabrenudr E femm dno so ryntacd hud du tecybbuehd oui lyh fa ku du dra Pacyet Dasbma?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia knows that Kai will translate it for her.

    "Ra ryc cyet dryd ra femm palusa ouin kiynteyh. Yc femm E." Kai stood up, looking back at the Besaid temple. "Fa cruimt pa kaddehk Jymavun, cruimt fa hud?" He then said it in English, as for Sephiroth to understand. "We should be getting Valefor, should we not?"

    "Bmayca E haat du kad Jymavun yc so vencd yauh cu lyh fa ku du dra Pacyet dasbma?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth nods,"Yes we should be getting Valefor...." Sephiroth jumps to his feet, and stretches. "Alright.....ready to go?" he asks, looking around for a threat.

    "Oac, fa lyh." "Sephiroth; you can lead." Kai allowed Sephiroth to go first.

    "Oac E ys nayto du kad so vencd yauh." Lucrecia said.

    "Milnaley, E femm daylr oui pycel cuuh." "Sephiroth, I will teach you Al Bhed as well." Kai put his right hand forward, facing it towards the temple.

    Sephiroth nods, and then starts down the path towards Besaid Village. "Keep close.... i know not how many fiends are out on the paths this day...." he says to both of them, and then looks at Kai,"I would appreciate that.... thank you very much."

    "E femm cdyo lmuca po ouin ceta E's hud icat uv vekrdehk yc oui yna Cabrenudr." Lucrecia said.

    Reaching into his bag, Ixaz pulled out something. It was a small book about two centimeters high. Handing it to Sephiroth, he spoke. "That would be the first one; 'Y' in basic is 'A' in Al Bhed."

    Sephiroth takes the book, looks at it, and then puts it in his pack so that he can look at it later, “Thank you..." Sephiroth then looks back at the path, looking around for a sign of danger.

    “Famm Cabrenudr fryd rybbahc ev y veaht lusac uid uhdu dra bydr? Dra naycuh E's ycgehk lyica E ryja paah ecumydat vnus dra uidceta funmt.” Lucrecia said.

    Kai walked down the path following Sephiroth. He saw a weak fiend approaching and simply snapped his fingers causing a blue fire to leave his hands and attack it. the fiend fell to the ground and dissipated into Pyroflies. Kai continued walking on, showing no emotional signs. "This way." Kai didn't bother translating it; he knew that

    Sephiroth turns and walks down the way Kai noted. "It seems that you know your way as well...have you been with her before?" he asks, looking around, keeping and eye out for those that might be camouflaged. Sephiroth turns his head to check on Lucrecia, seeing her weapon. "Does she know how to use that...?” he asks Kai, since he can’t talk to her directly.

    "Oac E tu ghuf ruf du ica so faybuh." Lucrecia said.

    'Ugyo." Kai said turning to Lucrecia. He turned to Sephiroth, and translated the message. "Yes, she knows how to use her weapon."

    Sephiroth smiles, "Alright...just wanted to make sure...." Sephiroth turns back around and continues down the path, and shortly comes to a fork in the road. He turns around to address Kai and Lucrecia, " you wanna take that long way?...or the short way?...."

    "dra crund fyo." Lucrecia said.

    Kai, thinking fast, spoke to Sephiroth. "She said the long way."

    Sephiroth nods, "Right..." Sephiroth takes a left, heading down one of the paths that winds up to the top of a hill. "Its gonna be quite the careful of your step...dont think you want to take a tumble down the hill to the beach." he says to both Kai and Lucrecia.

    Lucrecia is climbing up the hill she didn't want to swim so she is happy with the walking, but she slipped. "Ramb sa Cabrenudr un Gye." Lucrecia said.

    Kai grabbed her arm, and pulled her back up. "Maybe we should take the safer route; the one where we swim."

    Sephiroth turns around and looks at Kai, "Is she alright?..." He rests, waiting for them to catch up a little bit.

    “E lyh'd cfes yd ymm E fuimt haat ramb uh dryd.” Lucrecia said.

    "E lyh ramb oui. E's uhmo rymv-Ym Prat, yht E's y pmedw yla." Kai turned to Sephiroth. "Yeah; let's swim."

    Sephiroth smiles and laughs lightly, "I see....alright then...." he walks down the hill past them. “Tis time for another left then..." Sephiroth takes a left when he gets to the bottom of the path, "Time for a little dip..." he says as he jumps off the edge of the cliff and into the water below.

    “Ymm nekrd oui yna so vyjuneda pmedwpymm bmyoan.” Lucrecia said.

    Kai laughed, smiled, and took hold of Lucrecia. He grabbed her as tight as he could, then flipped off the cliff. Landing in the after, he rose to the surface still holding Lucrecia. When she broke the surface, he laughed. "Enjoying the dip?"

    Sephiroth breaks the surface and smiles. "Having fun yet?..." he says as he floats in one spot. Sephiroth then starts to swim his way to the other side of the canyon.

    "Oac E's ahzuoehk dra teb dryhg oui Gye." Lucrecia said. But then she begins to cry right there. She couldn't hold back her tears.

    "kut... dymg ypuid asudeuhym..." Kai said as he brought Lucrecia to the shoreline.

    Sephiroth reaches the shoreline, standing up and trying to dry himself. "Knew this was a bad idea...." Sephiroth says to himself. After doing his best to dry himself off, Sephiroth waits for Kai and Lucrecia to get ashore.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth. “E teth'd fyhd du cyo y funt ypuid so ufh vaamehkc pid E vamm eh muja muja fedr oui Cabrenudr. E druikrd E luimt reta so asudeuhc pid drao gabd lusehk.” Lucrecia said.

    Zera was watching seeing a amazing and stupid sight. He saw three loons jump off a cliff and swim to where he was. After seeing them like water logger rats he fell to the ground laughing.

    Lucrecia saw Zera. "Rao Wany tu oui fyhd du pa so kiynteyh? E fuimt dyga oui ajah ev ed sayhc oui pa csynd eh dra byndo." Lucrecia said.

    Zera looked with a blank face. Then started it speak in a sarcastic tone "OK I'll give anyone speak Al Bhed here or do I get to interpret it as whatever I want." He said while he smacked his hand on one an other.

    Sephiroth turns around the glares at Zera. "It would happen that we have an Interpreter i would suggest you act polite to the Lady Summoner...before you and i become best friends...." said Sephiroth.

    "Wany fuimt oui mega du yld bumeda du sa cu E tuh'd seht ev oui yldehk csynd pid E haat oui yc so kiynteyh." Lucrecia said.

    "Someones a little snippy don't like swimming do we. Anyway what do you all want from me" He said rolling his eyes looking at the silver haired man.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:50 pm

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth but she took one step closer to Zera trying to talk to him and she was feeling sick. "Cabrenudr E vaam y meddma celg vnus paehk eh dra fydan." Lucrecia said.

    As she took a step forward he took s step back his halberd strapped on his back. A bead of sweat traveled across his head.
    "Heh heh translation please." He said with a nervous tone.

    “Wany E mega oui du pa so kiynteyh.” Lucrecia said.

    Zera takes another step back.
    "Ok err miss I have no idea what your saying and your starting to freak me out."

    “Cabrenudr lyh oui ramb sa oui paah maynhehk Ym Prat lyh ramb sa uid un Gye bmayca.” Lucrecia said.

    Zera took a few steps back and backed into a fence. Drops of sweat beat downed his head and he gripped the wood behind him.

    “Wany E fyhd oui du pa so kiynteyh bmayca femm oui pa so kiynteyh E tuh'd sayh du vnayg oui uid.” Lucrecia said.

    Zera nearly stumbles over the fence but then he noticed something a small book. It was made of leather it had English translated into Al Bhed.
    "Heh this could work in reverse maybe." He said with a grin on his face. After a few minutes of looking around he nearly dropped the book and broke out into laughter.
    "You want me to be your guardian I don't even know a lick about ya."

    “Oac E fyhd oui pa so kiynteyh tuh'd funno oui femm ghuf sa ev fa dnyjam dukadran.” Lucrecia said.

    After a few moments of searching.
    "Your a funny one do ya start all your conversations. You might be some child but I know that going around with random people is a stupid idea. For all I know you could be some ultimate evil or something. So missy unless you can give some reason why I don't think that would be in my best interest."

    “Oac E fyhd oui pa so kiynteyh tuh'd funno oui femm ghuf sa ev fa dnyjam dukadran." Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth's eyes narrow, "How about because she asked you, nicely I might add." He drops his hand to the handle of Masamune and looks over at Zeratuel. "Have you a problem with a lady asking a favor of a gentleman?....if you are a gentleman at all..." Sephiroth says, "for all we know your a bandit...and i should just kill you right now."

    "You look here just because someone asking me to help them in some unknown task didn't mean I will. If you heard it from my point you would understand. Plus I was just hanging around here and you were talking to me how about we slow this down a little and try to sort this through. Random violence is stupid." Zera sat down and looked at the book.

    "Your right, random violence is stupid." Sephiroth says, breathing in deep. "First of all...may i ask what the book you have in your hand is?..."

    "I just found it on the ground looks like someones book hand written. Seems to translate Al Bhed to english 'm just using it in reverse."
    He said as he skimmed through the book with a grin.
    "This could be very useful if I do decide to stick with you."

    Sephiroth smiles, "It seems that fortune smiles upon you stranger....and we have yet to know your name..."

    “Dryd Ym Prat puug lysa uid so binca ed frah E cmebbat syh oui lyh gaab ed, Wany.” Lucrecia said.

    Zera quickly scanned the book and nodded.
    "Ok then how about we start over my name is Zeratuel, Zera for short. So you want me to be you Guardian I would like to know why ask a stranger and where do you plan on going." He said smiling projecting his hand out for a shake.

    Sephiroth holds out his hand and shakes Zera's, smiling as well, "My names is Sephiroth, Seph for short if you prefer. Lady Lucrecia can answer the first question....and as to the second, we are right now on our way to Besaid Village, and then making our way to Zanarkand."

    “Oac E tu.” Lucrecia said.

    "Not to sound rude but that doesn't really answer my first question." He said after he skims through the book a little.

    Sephiroth sighs, "One must be patient if one expects answers."

    "Wany frah E fyhd du najaym socamv du oui E femm." Lucrecia said.

    He looks through the book for a few.
    "I don't like theses games usually I'd tell ya to cut the crap out now but..." Zera takes a few steps towards Lucrecia looking at her face.
    I'll give you a chance I'll travel with you to Zanarkand."

    Sephiroth looks at Zera, watching him, not really trusting his motives yet, but it is early in the expedition, and anything can happen. "One must learn to play games if one is expect anything." Sephiroth says softly.

    "My thought exactly" Zera leans on the fence smirking and clearing his throat.
    "So when do we leave."

    Sephiroth walks over to the fence and leans on it as well, smiling all the while, "We leave when she is ready, and only when she is ready." Sephiroth looks up at the sky, watching the clouds pass and the unique birds fly through the air.

    Zera walked by the girl and bowed.
    "We leave by your command I'll go through mountain of fire and caves of ice because you asked nicely." He says obviously mocking his situation.

    Sephiroth smiles and laughs, "Your a very interesting individual....very interesting indeed." Turning around, Sephiroth looks out over the little village of Besaid. The village itself not very big, but the most commanding structure that can be seen, is Besaid Temple, their destination. 'I wonder what will happen once we step inside the village, let alone the Temple, when the villagers see Kai' Sephiroth thinks to himself, smiling as a slight breeze stirs his silver white hair.

    “Ug Wany E’mm damm oui eh Wyhygyht.” Lucrecia said. Right after she said those words she collapsed from getting sick and she didn't know what to do. She couldn't stopped her body from collapsing because she was feeling sick right after she got out of the water. She needed sometime to rest. She could only say the last words she wanted to say before fully collapsing. "Cabrenudr, E's cu cunno pid lyh oui seht ev oui lynno sa?" Lucrecia asked.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:56 pm

    When Lucrecia starts to collapse, Sephiroth pushes himself off of the fence and rushes over to her, catching her before she hits the ground, "Whoa there....take it easy...." he said, picking her up because he noticed that her legs wont keep her up, "time to rest....."

    “E ys cu cunno Cabrenudr.” Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth, knowing sorry and his name says, "Its alright...dont worry about it. All you need to do right now is rest alright?"

    "Oac E femm nacd zicd bid sa ihtan y dnaa E drehg E pa ypma du cmaab drana ev oui cdyo po so ceta." Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth sighs, "I dont know most of those words...can you point as to where you wanna go?..."

    Lucrecia pointed at the tree the huge one that she liked the most.

    Sephiroth smiles and nods, "Alright..." Walking towards the big tree, a cool refreshing breeze blows over Lucrecia and Sephiroth, his hair stirring from the breeze. Once underneath the big tree, Sephiroth lays Lucrecia down on what looks to be the most comfortable spot, and then sits next to her, leaning his back against the tree.

    "Cabrenudr fuimt oui seht ev oui damm sa ypuid ouincamv E fyhd du ghuf ypuid oui." Lucrecia said.

    Zera walks with them to the big tree as well. Him looking through the book when Lucrecia spoke. When got to the tree he placed his Halberd by it and found a comfy branch to relax on. It lied to the left of them and when he heard Lucrecia spoke once again he flipped through the book and said.
    "She wants you to tell her more about you." He said as gave half smile.

    Lucrecia smiled at Zeratuel just hoping that she is glad he decoded it.

    "Yeah..." Shingo came out of the train station, while carrying a bag, " what she is saying is... "Sephiroth would you mind if you tell me about yourself I want to know about you" and that's exactly what she said."

    Sephiroth smiles, "Not much to tell really. I come from a little town called Nibelheim. A peaceful little village nestled in the valley of mountain range. I was the top of my class in Soldier, and quickly became the highest ranked operative. Not long after that, i caught a certain illness, that to this day has yet to have a cure, short of a bunch of people kicking your *ss. While i had contracted this illness, i had done some unspeakable things, things that i will never forget, but have forgiven myself for them, for they were not of my doing." Sephiroth, having said this much, takes a big breath and looks up at the sky.

    Lucrecia hugged Sephiroth and wanted to keep him safe because she wanted to know everything about him. "E ymcu lusa vnus Hepamraes E fyc punh drana E fyc drana uh dra tyo uv dra Hepamraes pinhd E's yh aqbanesahd, pacetac uv paehk Ym Prat E fyc punh vnus Zahujy'c kaha. E teth'd fecrat vun ed, pid ed rybbahat ymm dra cysa. Ed fyc Ruzu'c etay vun Lnaclahd'c du punha y tyikrdan dryd muugat mega rec tayt feva. E ryja Zahujy'c lammc yc famm pid drao lyhhud luhdnum sa E luhdnum dras E ys dra luhdyehsahd ouin vneaht kahacec fyc muugehk vun." Lucrecia said.

    "She says... 'I also come from Nibelheim I was born there I was there on the day of the Nibelheim burnt I'm an experiment, besides of being Al Bhed I was born from Jenova's gene. I didn't wished for it, but it happened all the same. It was Hojo's idea for Crescent's to borne a daughter that looked like his dead wife. I have Jenova's cells as well but they cannot control me I control them I am the containment your friend genesis was looking for'," Gaiya said with a smile on his face, then he looked around and then said, "Wyck, frana'c so mikkyka or should I say where's my luggage?"

    Sephiroth's eyes narrow at the name Hojo, "Genesis has been looking for you for years...he told me that i would never find you before he did...and here i am.... protecting the thing that he wants.." Sephiroth then looks over to Shingo and laughs softly," Dude.... I think they took off without leaving you your luggage."

    "Oh bloody great they just keep coming. Wonder if there will be one that isn't gonna threaten to kill me, or be annoying as hell. Missy you rest up, ya shouldn't push yourself. Last thing I need is someone getting iill on me." He said as he sighed still on the tree.

    “Shingo then glares at Zera and then says, "Do you really think I am a hinderance... you don't even know how powerful I actually am!"

    "I'm not doubting that you are or not strong but as a guardian your job is to protect her!" Zera said as e pionted to Lucrecia and then dropped is and.
    "You were sleeping while tis mess was sorted out. If your gonna be a guardian remember one thing. Her life is more important tan yours."

    "Everyone needs sleep, and it's not my fault that someone poisoned and killed the Pilot and co-pilot..." Ichi said Harshly, "and it's not my fault that I had to Fly the plane from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM... and I had nothing to eat or drink, except coffee and crackers... you don't have any clue on how much I suffered through in those 12 hours... and when I jumped off... my adrenaline sped and the coffee crash effect didn't occur until when my adrenaline stopped, when I sat on a tree branch... Do you have any idea how much I had to abuse my body?!"

    "Personally no and I don't really care. I'm just ere beacuse I promised her such. I old no emotional ties to any of you and the sooner we get there te sooner I may leave.While I am here I carry the duty of a guardian so then I think I sall leave it as that. So if you'd be so kind as to bless me with this conversations end."

    "hmph," Shingo muttered but was loud enough to be heard, "You call yourself a guardian!? Guardians are happy to guard people, the people who just become guardians just for profit are just beggars trying to get jobs as bodyguards... as I should say right now, Oui tuh'd tacanja du ryja dra nekrd du pa y kiynteyh. People have to deserve to be what they are, not just use it to get something else" Shingo glared at Zera and used all of his will to keep himself from slicing Zera's head off with his sword.

    you hear a rustling in the tree above you suddenly a katana falls out of the tree and stabs into the ground right in front of Shingo, then you hear "damn it!", and then a hooded figure jumps from the tree and barrel rolls across the ground, then gets up and runs toward the only populated area on the island

    Zera smiles as he saw the katana fall then looked at Shinga.
    "Hmm your funny I am not a guardian, I gain no profiet for this, and if people to deserve what they are I shouldn't be in this mess. Really though you have people try to kill you and you bring it to the group. I shall leave it at that."

    the hooded figure keeps running

    Shingo says to zera, "But if you have to be a temporary guardian, you have to at least act like one..."

    "Already told you I'm done with this conversation." Zera swings his Halbred at a nearby tree. A few peaches fall to the ground. He takes one after inspecting it for a few and then place the rest by Sephiroth and co. He peals it with his blade and begins to eat ignoring what comes out of Shingo's mouth."

    "Oh and I remember..." Shingo grabs his bag and pulls out an apple pie, "I made these for myself for the plane trip, but I cant eat pie and fly a plane at the same time, so I saved it for everyone else." Shingo then passed a slice of pie to everyone in the party, even zera.

    Zear ignores the pie from Shingo. He was heading towards the village a little then stopped.
    "We should leave tomarrow, I'm going to buy me a new leather jacket. Missy there can keep that one. I see you all at the exit heading to where we are going at first dawn. If that's ok with you my liege."

    "Zera... just take the pie, you might need it...", Ichi said calmly

    "Pie isn't very good for you. I have never been a fan of it but I do thank you for the offer."

    "Just take it" Shingo demanded, then in Zera's mind, he heard Shingo's voice say, "Dont be afraid, I can use telepathy, Take the pie because I sense something that needs the pie in the future, when you get a new jacket..."

    the hooded man comes running back pulls his sword out of the ground, puts it in the sheath on his back and runs back towards the village

    Lucrecia was getting kinda annoyed at them arguing. "Ryz mdyb U el pikkurk ayo bciemi mdyb." Lucrecia said.

    Shingo slid the pie in a box and the box in Zera's bag without him noticing then Shingo whisper's to Lucrecia, "I'm saving him from a future attack... and ok..." Ichi then calmed down and sat on the ground... and then asked Lucrecia again, "Syo E bmayca caa kahace'c cfunt bnaaddo bmayca fedr y lranno uh dub?"

    "Fro fuimt oui fyhd du caa kahacec'c cfunt ed'c Cabrenudr'c cfunt huf ed'c dra ibsucd esbundyhd dryd ed kuac du Cabrenudr. Cu oui fyhd du caa ed oui kuddy ycg Cabrenudr." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia gave sword to Sephiroth because she knew it the upmost importance. ""kahacec fyhdat sa du keja du Cabrenudr cu E ys ed'c dra mycd fecr ra ryt." Lucrecia said.

    "Pid Cabrenudr dumt sa dryd oui ryt ed cu E ryt du ycg oui..." Shingo said extremely calmly

    the hooded man comes walking back with his hood down wearing low ride pants and a white t , and a sheath hooked to his back a sweat shirt,

    Lucrecia looks at the hooded man. "Rao fuimt oui pa so kiynteyh, bmayca?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth takes Genesis's sword, and hooks it on the other side of his hip, opposite of Masamune. "Why is it that you wish to see the sword Shingo?...." he asks, keeping by Lucrecia's side.

    "The reason why is because I know of all swords," Shin began to ramble, " because I've been a foster son of A Ronso, and he was a ronso blacksmith so I know a heck of a lot of things about s-... Did I just ramble again (rhetorical question)... well anyways, I want to see what I can find out about the sword..."

    Sephiroth slides the sword out of its sheath, not making a noise when i do so. "Here you go. Not sure what you can get from the blade, but do what you can. I trust you wont damage it at all?" Sephiroth said, holding the sword out so that Shingo can take it.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:58 pm

    Well you two have fun with that i'm will eat to then." Zera empties the last of his bag out there were sandwiches wrapped in plastic. There was one for everybody there. He grabbed one and took a munch outta it.

    "Oayr drec ec so tnays cu E pa yd Pacyet nekrd huf hu Tnykuuh, hu Wanydiam, yht hu Crehku. Yht uhmo Cabrenudr yht Gye pa po so ceta." Lucrecia said.

    "Famm oayr ed fyc ihaqbaldat. Lyh E ryja y beala uv dra knyhumy pyn?" Lucrecia asked.

    Kai laughed, knowing that Sephiroth would probably say 'yes' on account of his 'love' for her. "She wants a bite of the granola bar, seph."

    "You all may have a sandwich if you like" He said taking an other bite of his sandwich.

    Kai shook his head. He could smell that they were all the only meat he hated; Bologna.

    Sephiroth smiles and breaks off half of what he has left, and hands it to Lucrecia. "Here you go....i hope you like it. Its a soldiers ration." he said.

    Kai smiled, but then heard that same low growl once more. He stealthily drew his sword, trying to hide it from the rest. SLowly, he faced his head towards teh roof of the room, and saw the Klikk beast. He jumped to the other side in a flash, making nearly no sound. Sephiroth saw he had the blade, so he drew his own and looked up. Everyone did the same, and all of them saw the Klikk. Lucrecia drew her gun. Kai turned to her, but simply nodded. This time? She fought too.

    Sephiroth smiles and says softly, so that only those close to him could hear,"Ah...we meet again.....i hope you have not forgotten me already...." As he speaks, his voice has taken a darker tone, and his eyes have a strange glint to them. "For i have not forgotten you...." he says silently casting Hastega on the party.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:01 pm

    E ys cu cunno E teth'd fecrat du pa y luhdyehsahd E zicd fyhdat du pa y cissuhan.” Lucrecia said.

    He flipped through the book for a second.
    "Yeah yeah just take care your health. Oh and just to let all of you know I don't care how sick the lot of ya get I don't carry people got it."

    "E ys hud celg E ys Zahujy'c lammc luhdyehsahd. Ev oui fyhd du ghuf ypuid Zahujy ycg Cabrenudr." Lucrecia said.

    "To tell you the truth I really don't though I heard Jenova and your silver haired boy friend sound quite familiar now. I have a question for you Sephiroth. Does the name Cloud ring a bell." He said with a smile on his face wondering how he will respond.

    Shingo wakes up and then says, "Ow that hurts..." Shingo got out of the parachute rags and then says to Lucrecia, "Rammu, so hysa ec Crehku Hyhyse, fryd'c ouinc?"

    Lucrecia almost jump up, but she realized she was sick so she just sat there. She never tried talking to anyone but Sephiroth she's trying talking to more people who are going to be her guardians. She nodded because she heard that name once before. "Rao Crehku Hyhyse so hysa ec Milnaley Lnaclahd." Lucrecia said.

    "Ed'c hela du saad oui Milnaley... Ur, yht E fecr du pa ouin kiynteyh, palyica E ymfyoc fyhdat dra zup yc y kiynteyh, pid E ys cdemm y puihdo ridan... hu uha renac sa palyica Huputo ghufc uv so unekehc silr..." Shingo explained happily.

    "Wait a sec if he joins there will be no need for me right I can go right." He said smirking at this idea maybe this fool would be useful.

    "... Oh, and did I mention that I can here other people's thoughts sometimes..." Shingo then points at Zera and then says rashly, "Don't call me a fool, because your abandoning Lucrecia, because that would make YOU the fool."

    "Oh did I think it instead of saying it my bad. Maybe if this fool joins I can get the hell outta here. Happy? He said with a smirk jumping down from the tree he picked up his Halberd and strapped it back on.

    "E dyga oui yc so kiynteyh, Crehku E uhmo fyhd yc syho baubma yc E lyh dnicd. Wany oui cdyo E cdemm haat oui E fyhd du ghuf ypuid oui yht oui cyet oui cdyo fedr sa frah fa naylrat Wyhyngyht tet oui hud un yna oui kuehk du pnayg so raynd. Ev cu Cabrenudr femm hud racdedyda uv yddylgehk oui uhmo E lyh gaab Cabrenudr lyms vun E ys dra cissuhan yht dra luhdyehsahd uv Zahujy'c lammc. Ra ec so bnudaldun." Lucrecia said.

    "What Lucrecia says is, 'I take you as my guardian, Shingo I only want as many people as I can trust. Zera you stay I still need you I want to know about you and you said you stay with me when we reached Zanarkand did you not or are you going to break my heart. If so Sephiroth will not hesitate of attacking you only I can keep Sephiroth calm for I am the summoner and the containment of Jenova's cells. He is my protector.' "

    "Whatever lets be going soon before the sun starts going down. I really don't care about you Shingo just leave me be and I'll do the same." He leaned on the tree looking at Lucrecia trying to smile but was obviously not to happy.

    “Wanydiam E rubat dryd fa luimt pa vneahtc tuh'd dnayd sa mega E's cusa geht uv vnayg dryd fuimt pnayg so raynd. E ys cdemm risyh.” Lucrecia said.

    Thanks for letting become your guardian Lucrecia," Shingo replied, "Oh, and here, " Shingo gets a Blue rose for Lucrecia, and gives it to her,

    Lucrecia takes the blue rose and she put it in her hair she is so happy that Shingo is there and she hopes that Zeratuel stays. She wants to get along with each of her guardian.

    "I treat you no different then I would anyone else. I don’t like having to do anything I don't want to but I'll still go. I also dislike you having your silver haired friend on a leash. The second you let go he'd rip me to bits or at least give me some illness. I make no promise or friendship but will not reject it out of spite." He glares at Shingo and looks at the sky a little.
    "I'd say 3-4 hours of sun light maybe a tad more."

    Shingo gets his bag from under the parachute, and then faster than a blink of an eye, Shingo gets on a tree branch near Lucrecia. Then Shingo says, "Wow, Your more Harsh and cruel than I even imagined, but I sense some latent kindness in you.

    Lucrecia looked at Zeratuel, and she wanted to keep her emotions so the cells will not take over. "Ra'c hud uh y maycr ra lruca du pa so bnudaldun lyica E fyhdat du ra zicd yldc drec fyo vun so ufh kuut." Lucrecia said.

    He looks through his book a little and then looks at her.
    "Fine fine whatever lets just be going if you feel better now. I will not judge you or Silver over there I just want to get going. The longer we wait the less we have to travel." He gives a small smile to her but then it quickly vanishes.

    Lucrecia saw a smile on his face and smiled back.

    "So then are you feeling better then. As long as I with ya your gonna call me your guardian so I guess I'll protected you and make sure of your well being." He nodded to her smile and looked at everyone else.

    “U el hieta dy kid Feciwyh cid'm ky dy Pimeut ifihayri.” Lucrecia said.

    He stood to the right of Lucrecia while they walked to Besaid he kept to himself enjoying the quiet.

    Lucrecia looked at Zeratuel with kindness in her eyes and her cells began to act. "Hu hud huf tuh'd nayld." Lucrecia said.

    He could tell just by her tone something was wrong.
    "Hey are you ok missy." He walked towards her offering her his hand to steady herself.

    Lucrecia shook her head no.

    Zera had his book in one hand and her in the other. I helped her to a small shady tree.
    "What’s wrong and how can I help." Zeratuel said in a concerned voice. His dull eyes actually showing emotion.

    "So Zahujy lammc yna nayldehk cusadrehk pyt femm rybbah drao uhmo nayld frah cusadrehk pyt ec rybbahehk E's dra luhdyehsahd vun Zahujy lammc yht E ryja Zahujy kaha ehceta sa bmayca kad dra byndo ujan rana E haat syzun ramb." Lucrecia said.

    "Hey morons are you doing anything!" He shouted as he chucked his Halberd to get their attention. He scowled at them and then turned back to her with care.
    "Ok their coming what do you need. Your safety is my main concern."
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:02 pm

    “E fyhd du pa cyjat po hud po gemmehk sa, pid cusauha paehk hela du sa E's uhmo yh aqbanesahd. Hu uha pid Cabrenudr ghufc ruf dryd vaamc. E fyhd cusauha du dymgehk gehtmo yht cuudrehk du sa. Ed'c dra uhmo fyo vun sa du lyms tufh draca lammc uv seha. E fyc punh eh famm Hepamraes yc oui yna huf famm yfyna pid E fyc punh yd dra Sygu Nayldun eh Hepamreas. Drana E fyc punh yc dra luhdyehsahd fruajan haatc draca lammc ryc du caag sa uid.” Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth walks up to Lucrecia and looks into her eyes, "If I’m not mistaken, and if she hasn’t already told you, the Jenova cells are acting up. She probably already told you this already as well, but we need to calm her down, or the cells will start to control her."

    Lucrecia nodded to signal that Sephiroth is correct she is holding herself in a ball trying to make sure that the Jenova's cells won't take control of her. "Ramb sa Cabrenudr yht ymm so kiynteyhc." Lucrecia said.

    "Ok Sephiroth what do we have to do. This is the first time anything like this has happened around me." He looked Sephiroth with an intense look waiting for him to answer his question. Trying to think what to do.

    Sephiroth looks over to Zeratuel with an equally intense look, "We need to calm her down. Do you have a bottle of water?...something cold and wet?....or hot...either one..." Sephiroth then kneels down next to Lucrecia and whispers in her ear, “Its alright......everything is gonna be alright. Focus on the sound of my voice, regulate your breathes. Breathe in, breath out. Focus on the sound of my'll be alright..."

    Lucrecia breathed in and out and focused on his voice. Lucrecia pointed at her clothes. "Cajana sygu ytteldeuh kad sa uid uv draca lmudrac huf." Lucrecia said.

    "Eerr no what I'm not in the mood to argue Seph you get her out of her clothes I'll get some water for her and take this." He said running towards the creek and he threw his long leather jacket by Sephiroth’s feet. He grabbed a small pouch from his pants pocket and filled it with water by a close by river.

    Sephiroth looks at him, one eyebrow up, "Out of her clothes?..........great...." Sephiroth puts Zeratuel's long leather jacket over her, and the proceeds to do as she says. "Alright...just stay calm....nothing to worry about...." he said as he got the last article of clothing off, keeping the long leather jacket over her body so that neither of us can see anything. "Got the water yet Zera?..." he calls over his shoulder, keeping an eye on how Lucrecia's eyes look, as to whether or not the cells are taking over or not.

    "Yeah coming now!" Zera shouts as he runs towards them with the water. He picks up his halberd still at full speed. He handed her the water. He sat beside her along with Sephiroth. "Ok now as long as we calm her down she'll be fine right?"

    Sephiroth takes the water, and rips off the bottom of his shirt, getting it wet and placing the wet cloth on Lucrecia's for head. "Yes. As long as she is calm, and relaxed, then that gives her a chance to fight back against the cells, and therefore return back to normal." Sephiroth places an arm behind her head and another under her knees. "Alright Lucrecia.... I’m gonna move you, dont be alarmed..." Sephiroth then lifts her up, keeping the long leather coat on her, and walks back over to the shade, placing her back in the soft spot she was in before.

    Lucrecia is trying her hardest on the cells to keep them in check so she doesn't let them control her at all. She sat there. She pointed at her bag. "U riit dni dnurk ur dnihi ud'm e mzyht ert ud picyrkit dy Kirimum U riit ud."

    He took the bag she pointed to and rushed it to her handing it to her. He began too think and an idea struck him these were Desious trees they had a strong minty smelling wood that is said to be very calming. He went to the other side of the tree and hacked a few branches off. He placed them around the area they were at hoping this might help.

    Sephiroth smiles as he realizes what Zeratuel is doing when he starts to cut the branches off, “Good thinking Zera.....the wood had slipped my mind." Sephiroth gets the cloth wet again and places it back on Lucrecia's forehead.

    Lucrecia opened her bag and pulled out Genesis's sword the one she always carried with a note that that it's in English so she couldn't read it so she gave to Sephiroth. She knew he would be surprised if she grabbed out the sword out.

    Sephiroth takes the note, and looks at it. Seeing that it was from Genesis he opens it, and starts to read.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth and wonder what it says, since she can't read it. Tayn Cabrenudr, Yc oui lyh caa Milnaley Lnaclahd ryc dra cfunt uv seha. E fyhdat du keja du oui yc y fyo uv dryhg oui. E teth'd ghuf pylg drah cra fyc dra luhdyehsahd uv Zahujy'c lammc cra fyc punh eh dra Sygu Nayldun eh Hepamraes. Cra sekrd un sekrd hud palusa dra haf Zahujy. Pid E fyhd oui du bnudald ran yd ymm lucdc. Cra fugah ib dra tyo pavuna dra vena eh dra Sygu Nayldun yht frema E cbuga cra cyet E mega Cabrenudr jano silr. E fyc crulgat dryd cra ec dra kevd uv dra kuttacc zicd mega eh dra Mujamacc buasc E icat du naleda. Ouin vneaht, kahacec

    Sephiroth reads.
    ~I know not who is giving you this, but this sword much reach Sephiroth. It is of the up most importance Lucrecia, that you give it to him. For i know not what will become of him if he doesn’t have it in his possession.

    Your Friend,

    Sephiroth looks up from the letter and looks at Lucrecia, and then Zeratuel. "Alright.......where is it?.....and why am i getting Genesis's sword?...." he says as he closes his eyes and thinks.

    Zera looks through the book a few times. Sweat beats from his head.
    "okay im no pro but I belive it translates to. E ghuf hud fru ec kejehk oui drec, pid drec cfunt silr naylr Cabrenudr. Ed ec uv dra ibsucd esbundyhla Milnaley, dryd oui keja ed du res. Vun e ghuf hud fryd femm palusa uv res ev ra tuachd ryja ed eh rec buccaceuh. Tuac dryd cuiht nekrd?

    Sephiroth goes to hand Lucrecia back the note, but his grip slips a little, and another piece of paper falls to the ground, it being stuck behind the one that i just read. "Huh...." he says as he picks up the piece of paper. Looking over to Zeratuel, he smiles, “Your doing great Zera.....i have no idea if that is correct, but your still doing great."

    "Heh I'll accept that after she safe. It’s our honor as a guardian to do so. What does the other slip of paper say?” He said as he prepared the book to translate what he said. His insides were laughing he didn't even want to join them but here he is help save this girl. He was growing too soft he thought to himself.

    Sephiroth flips the piece of paper around and reads it.
    ~Dear Sephiroth, As you can see Lucrecia Crescent has the sword of mine. I wanted to give to you as a way of thank you. I didn't know back then she was the containment of Jenova's cells she was born in the Mako Reactor in Nibelheim. She might or might not become the new Jenova. But I want you to protect her at all costs. She woken up the day before the fire in the Mako Reactor and while I spoke she said I like Sephiroth very much. I was shocked that she is the gift of the goddess just like in the Loveless poems I used to recite.

    Your friend,

    Sephiroth sighs, “It seems like i know why i have the sword now..."

    "So what do you have to do now? I don't think I have to translate that it was directed towards you personally." Zera lets out a big sigh and itches his head a little.
    "If you know what the sword is for we're in the clear then right?"

    "Huh?" Shingo just said as he woke up again, "Did I fall asleep?"

    Sephiroth sighs, and puts the letter away, "Im not sure as to what I'm supposed to do now. I'll find out soon though.....probably.." Sephiroth gets the cloth wet again and places it on Lucrecia's forehead. "We should be in the clear, for now.....until i find out exactly what the sword does. All i know is that this was Genesis's sword, and that it held a special purpose. Not sure what exactly he used it for, besides killing." Sephiroth says to Zera. Hearing a noise come from off to the side, he looks over and sees Shingo. "It seems that you have fallen asleep again. I take it you didn’t get much sleep on your trip here?" he asks with a smile.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth would at the utmost kindness in her eyes, she didn't meant to meet Genesis back then but all she can do now is stay by Sephiroth's side. "Cabrenudr, E's ymm nekrd huf lyh fa suja uh du kad Jymavun dra lammc lyms tufh y mud." Lucrecia said.

    "I usually got a lot of sleep... its just that I had to drive the plane for the entire night..." Shingo Yawns... " That's why I'm sleepy..." Shingo yawns again, but Shingo slaps himself and then he sits upright, and then says, "I'm ok now... oh and Sephiroth... may I see that sword?" Shingo then looks at Lucrecia, and then says, "Nia Coshisue, ty ayo riit era nicb?"

    Sephiroth looks over to Shingo and laughs lightly,"I see....and as to the sword, it is in Lucrecia's possesion untill she gives it to me, for i will not take anything from her if she does not choose to give it."

    "Oh..." Shingo then hits his head and his eyes start to re-dialate, and then continues to say, " I must've had double vision again... but anyways...", Shingo then looks at Lucrecia and says to her, "Syo E caa dryd cfunt ouin rumtehk bmayca, yht yc cuuh yc E ys tuha fedr ed, E femm keja ed nekrd pylg du oui... Kiynteyh'c Ruhun!"

    "Ugh so are you sure your alright to travel. Don't push yourself we have wasted alot of sun already maybe it would be best to procede in the morning." He said with a half smile, He then scowled at Shingo.
    "Are you stupid I didn't even want to be her guardian ans I was still more useful. Please try not be a hinderance."
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:04 pm

    This time, however, kai allowed the spell to remain. He countered it by using Slowga on Klikk, causing them all to now be at matching speed.

    Lucrecia shoots her and she tries one of her spells that she has at her disposable. She yelled out, Xiygany which does heavy damage on the boss. She tries to make sure that it goes down.

    Kai smiles, and then jumps back. He started to charge his limit break.

    Lucrecia charges her own limit overdrive, which is Quifa Quifa.

    Sephiroth also casts a spell at Klikk,"Firaga!" dealing alot of fire damage to Klikk. Then, he drops into a defensive postion.

    Klikk, which has been hurt badly from the two spells, yells out in pain, dropping to the floor, and charges at the closest opponent, Kai.

    Lucrecia jumps in the way of Kai and took the hit.

    Kai grunted, but was half-way done...

    Zera sees that Lucrecia got hit and casted cure on her. Then started to charge for his limit break.

    Klikk, being slightly confused as to why a stupid human jumped infront of it while it was after its prey, jumped back after hitting Lucrecia. As soon as it jumps back, it charges Zera this time.

    Sephiroth smiles and casts another spell, "Thundaga!" dealing a lot of lightning damage to Klikk.

    Kai smiled, and opened his eyes. He spoke softly. "Ahanko Pays." After finishing it, Kai shot the beam of white and black at Klikk, causing it to be paralyzed. He then drew his katana, and jumped at it.

    Sephiroth smiles, "Perfect timing brother.... as always..." Having seen the two beams of light, he explodes in movement, charging at Klikk with Masamune held out to the side.

    Klikk is now paralyzed, and stares in terror as Sephiroth and Kai ready attacks against it.

    "Yep." He used an ether (too bad!) on himself, causing his mp to once again reach full. "Now for devastation." He reached up and threw Sephiroth behind him. He clapped his hands together, then slammed them into the ground. When he rose, a strange energy covered his hands. He smiled, then circles himself before attacking Klikk full force with it. (Flare)

    Sephiroth smiles and casts a spell as well, raising his hands up in the air, "Comet!" A comet materializes out of the air, and slams into Klikk, dealing massive damage.

    Klikk, now having taking massive damage from both Flare and Comet, Klikk is pulled out of his paralysis, and jumps forward. Since he is confused, the other side affect of Ahanko Pays, he jumps at Lucrecia, stabbing her in the arm, and dealing 101 points of damage, to kill her.

    Kai simply stood straight up. He watched her sit straight up from her bed, screaming. He was by her side, hugging her. "Are you okay, lady?"

    Sephiroth was asleep in the chair right next to Kai, and wakes up slowly. "Ah man.... you had to wake me up didn’t you…" he says and looks over to Kai and Lucrecia. "Oh.... she she feeling?" he asks Kai, "can you tell?"

    "I don't know... but her right shoulder seems to be bleeding." (Yes; the cut was real. However, she is alive an its a non-fatal wound) Kai sighed, knowing that it was his fault...

    Sephiroth stands up and walks over to the side of her bed, opposite of Kai, "Weird.... and we were here the entire time. There should have been no way for her to have been cut...." Seph looks over at Kai, "Dont worry about it bro...all that matters is that she is safe didn’t mean to run into her.... stuff like that happens." Seph reaches into his long coat and pulls out a granola bar. "Want some?" he asks holding it out for Kai.

    "Cabrenudr, oui yna rana yht cu yna oui Gye. E teth'd pmysa oui hud uhla ed'c ugyo. Oui tuh'd ryja du funno. Cabrenudr E mega oui jano silr fuimt oui cdyo po so ceta ihdem fa tavayd Ceh un syopa yvdan dryd." Lucrecia said.

    Kai just stood there. He knew that his brother, Sephiroth, could understand it; and there was no one else in the room. He got up and sat in the chair shaking his head. "How could she possibly know who we are, Seph?"

    Lucrecia looked at Kai and Sephiroth. "So hysa ec Milnaley Lnaclahd dra ym prat cissuhan, yht E ys eh haat uv kiynteyhc. Fuimt oui dfu seht ev oui pa so kiynteyhc?" Lucrecia asked.

    "Oayr, cina. E kiacc. Tu... tu oui cbayg ahkmecr, Milnaley?" Those were the only words he could manage out.

    "E tuh'd ruf du cbayg yho ahkmecr oui seht ev oui dyikrd sa ruf?" Lucrecia asked.

    "E lyh'd; E's hud dra bydeahd uha. Pid Cabr, so pnudran, sekrd." Kai stated.

    “Ymm nekrd, pid E tuh'd fyhd du pa rydat po yhouha ajah ev E ys vimm-pmuutat Ym Prat.” Lucrecia said.

    Kai spoke again. "E ghuf. E's rymv Ym Prat, yc ec so pnudran, Palyica uv dryd, we know both languages."

    "Ug E ghuf oui teth'd sayh du pisb ehdu sa." Lucrecia said.

    Kai smiled and nodded, sitting back in his chair. "Well, you might as well go back to sleep; it is about 3:00 in the morning after all."

    Lucrecia shook her head no and got up and walked outside to feel the nice night air.

    Sephiroth shrugs and takes a bit out of his granola bar. "Not sure if it is a good idea for her to be going out there with that open wound. It could get infected....." he said quietly so that Kai could hear him, but noone else. "You wanna look after her, or would you like me to?" he asks.

    Well that's your call, big brother; but I'd like you to so that i can go swim." Kai leaned in his chair. He loved swimming, which was why he was one of teh top three blitzers in the world.

    Sephiroth laughs lightly, and takes a bite out of the granola,"You and your swimming." Sephiroth pats Kai gently on the shoulder, and walks outside to watch over Lucrecia. Stepping outside, the cool night air rushes into his lungs, and he smiles.

    "Cabrenudr lyh E ycg oui drec ec ed fnuhk vun sa du ryja vaamehkc vun oui? Ev cu E zicd fymg du dra dasbma uh so ufh." Lucrecia asked.

    "Es hud cina ev ed ec pyt vun oui du ryja vaamehkc vun sa. Drec ec gehty cittah, caaehk yc fa ryja hajan cbahd desa dukadran. Pid hu, ed fuimt hud pa fnuhk. Ed ec hydinym frah cusauha caac cusauha dryd drao mega, dryd drao cdynd du tajamub vaamehkc vun dryd bancuh." Sephiroth said, slowly walking over to Lucrecia, looking around calmly and enjoying the nights air.

    Kai burst out laughing, for he and Sephiroth shared their thoughts. When one spoke within fifty feet of the otehr, both heard it. He smiled and got up, walking out of the tent. He ran to the ocean, and jumped in without taking any of his clothes off.

    Lucrecia started crying and holding her arm a slight wincing from the pain.

    Sephiroth sighs and puts the granola bar back in his coat," Hey?.." he says softly,"Whats wrong?...." Sephiroth notices the slight wince, and brings up his hand so that it rests over her wound, saying softly,"Cura....." A slight green glow appears around Sephiroths hand as the spell is cast.

    "Tu oui seht ev oui daylr sa ahkmecr E fuimt muja du maynh ahkmecr ev oui tuh'd seht." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia looked at the granola and her stomach growled.

    "E fuimt pa rybbo du daylr oui ahkmecr. E ymfyoc muja y lrymmahka, yht e ryja hajan dyikrd ahkmecr pavuna....drec cruimt pa ehdanacdehk." Sephiroth says. Hearing her stomach growl, Sephiroth reaches into this coat pocket, and pulls out the granola bar,"Would you like it?...I have plenty more..."

    "Luimt pa pid E's y vycd maynhan." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia looked at the granola bar, and then back at Sephiroth who kinda resembled her just a bit in the hair. "Oac E fuimt dryhg oui." Lucrecia said.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:05 pm

    Sephiroth smiles and hands her the granola bar,"Oui syo pa y vycd maynhan, pid ymm dryd e ycg vun ec dryd oui gaab eh seht dryd maynhehk yhudran myhkiyka ec ymud tevvanahd drah zicd maynhehk ruf du tu cusadrehk......mega bmyo Pmedwpymm...." Sephiroth said looking up at the night sky.

    "Zicd dymg du sa eh Ahkmecr." Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth smiles and laughs a little,"As you wish, if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask them." Sephiroth smiles and takes a deep breath of the night air. "Are you alright? is your arm?..." he asks.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth for the first time from being woken up. "I am fine and my arm is feeling a lot better thank you." Lucrecia said. For the first time she is talking in English with an accent still but nonetheless in English.

    Sephiroth smiles,"Your welcome. If it starts to hurt again, just let me or Kai know. Alright?" Sephiroth hears a little noise coming from the bushes, and turns around slowly. Emerging from the bushes is a light brown cat, meowing. "Great....loose cats..." he says.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth. "How is my English I know I have an accent with it, but is that okay?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth smiles,"Your english is good. As you continue to speak it, you will be able to speak it even better. And your accent is noticeable, but it is pleasant to the ears." Sephiroth takes out another granola bar and takes a bite.

    "Um, Sephiroth, I'm a singer summoner is that okay with you?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth raises and eye-brow and looks over to Lucrecia," You are are you?....very interesting. And as to it being okay with me, whatever makes you comfortable. If someone didnt like it, yet you did and you are comfortable with it, then be one. It matters not what others think of you. What matters is how you view yourself." Sephritoh and walks over to one of the trees in the village, and sits down, leaning against it.

    dragoon is walking around kicking a blitzball when he accidentaly kicks it too hard and it bounces off of a tree, and it is sent flying at sephiroth's head, and dragoon yells "watch out!"

    Lucrecia begins to sing Speak and she was singing with a sweet voice which was soothing to all ears. Lucrecia is very famous when anyone where Al Bheds are and she been singing since she was 15 and her ancestors are from Zanarkand.

    Sephiroth looks up and sees the blitzball coming at his head,"Great...." Moving his head to the side just a little bit, the blitzball bounces off of the tree that he is sitting against, and heads back to Dragoon, making it half way before stopping on the ground. "Nice kick....a bit more control is needed though...." he says to Dragoon, enjoying the singing from Lucrecia.

    "Can I see that Blitzball?" Lucrecia said.

    "sorry about that" dragoon says, then he picks up his blitzball and tosses it to the lady who asked for it

    Kai comes from the direction of the ocean, perfectly dry. "Fire is a good spell at night."

    Lucrecia jumps up and did a backflip kick and send it to Sephiroth.

    Kai watched smiling. Sephiroth was NOT the person to play with Blitzballs...

    Sephiroth looks over to Kai and laughs a bit,"Ya...i would guess it would be. Did you enjoy your little dip bro?..." Sephiroth then takes a bite out of the granola bar, looks up and sees the blitzball heading at him,"Again?..." Sephiroth drops the granola bar in his lap and catches the blitzball. "Whats up with you guys and trying to take me out with a blitzball?..." he asks.

    Lucrecia came back down and she landed on her two feet, and smiled that she is having fun. She ran to Sephiroth. " Sorry Sephiroth that' s my fault anyway. My ancestors are from Zanarkand." Lucrecia said.

    "How... how did you do that?" dragon asks

    "I played Blitzball I was an ace for one of the Al Bheds team." Lucrecia said.

    Kai laughed again, then walked up to Sephiroth. He took the ball, then motioned for them all to follow him. kai could tell that dragoon was a blitzer, so he knew that soemone coukld throw it properly to him.

    dragoon looked at kai and said "hey aren't you one of the 3 best blitzball players in the world?"

    "Hey Kai you probably never heard of me before have you?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth stands up, smiling and takes a bit of the granola bar. "Thinking about having some fun bro?..."

    Kai laughed, answering Dragoon's question first. "Yes. I'm the fastest blitzer in the world. I don't know the other two, though." Turning to Lucrecia, he cocked his head. "No, i guess. and did you speak english?"

    "Sephiroth, sorry but as I said my ancestors are from Zanarkand. Yes I did I'm famous summoner in Al Bhed who was born one of the Zanarkand people by the name of Lenne and Shuyin." Lucrecia said.

    "well it's nice to finaly meet you, you're the reason i started playing blitzball" dragoon said

    Kai laughed. "Are you a blitzball player?"

    "yeah but i'm not on a team" dragoon said

    Sephiroth continues to follow them, eating his granola bar, smiling as well.

    Hmm... you may be now." Kai walked to the edge of the beach, and turned to Dragoon. "Go out as far as you can, but can still see me."

    "Well yeah I am besides being a singer-summoner I'm also a blitzball player." Lucrecia said.

    dragoon did what kai tld him to do

    Kai smiled, then told Lucrecia to throw the ball to him as hard as she could.

    Lucrecia threw the ball hardest she can because she wants to prove that Blitzball run in her family bloodline. "There you go Kai." Lucrecia said.

    When she looked, however, he was not there. Instead, dragoon as there, and Kai was in the sky. he flipped over his body, then kicked the ball as hard as he could. In a few seconds, the caught it too. "I'm surprised you didn't throw it harder; you said you were an ace of an Al bhed team."

    "I am but you are in my blind spot you too high I haven't been playing since I was 18." Lucrecia said.

    "What?" Kai asked.

    "Just because I'm haven't been playing since I was 18 I partly from Zanarkand, and also from Al Bhed." Lucrecia said.

    "That's funny; my team was the Zanarkand Abes."

    "Then you know the persons people who raised me Shuyin and Lenne." Lucrecia said.

    Kai winced at those names. "Yes... unfortunately. Shuyin was my father."

    "Shuyin was the one who raised me telling me all about his sons." Lucrecia said.

    "All but me. Sephiroth had a different father, but we share our mother. If only we could remember her name..."

    "You meant Lenne yeah I know her." Lucrecia said.

    "No. She's not my mother."

    Lucrecia looked at Kai. "Well Shuyin loved her of course, but I guess she died, so who might be your mother?" Lucrecia asked.

    Kai turned away. "If i knew, i'd tell you." he ran off.

    "Wait Kai please don't be upset with me." Lucrecia said.

    Kai stopped, exactly 50 feet away. He whispered, but only enough for sephiroth to hear. 'to late.'

    Lucrecia sighed. "I guess nobody wants to be my guardian." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia begins to sing Disconnected.

    "Well I do," Shingo said to Lucrecia nicely, "I'm just more of the silent type..."
    "I know you don't know much about me Lucrecia," Shingo began, "But you can trust me"
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:08 pm

    Lucrecia looked at this guy who's saying her name. "Do I know you?" Lucrecia asked.

    "Remember me," Shingo began, "My name's Shingo Nanami..."

    "Hello Shingo Nanami nice to meet you I'm Lucrecia Crescent as you said. So you want to be my guardian ok. I love to take you." Lucrecia said.

    "Ok..." Shingo said confusingly... "But I don't get it... one moment I'm in here... the next, no one remembes me at all... I just don't understand..."

    Lucrecia noticed he looked like the guy from her dream. "Hey Shingo what you been up to?" Lucrecia asked.

    Kai simply shook his head from afar. He continued walking towards the village.

    "Well... I think I was asleep, and I was your guardian... I think..." Shingo said still confusingly.

    "Shingo, if you like would you give me an apple pie when we get to the village?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth smiles and turns to follow Kai, eating his granola bar. "Very interesting woman....very interesting...." he says to Kai in a voice that only he can hear. Sephiroth holds out a granola bar for Kai.

    Kai stopped at the village gates, and bought an apple pie. It was out of intuition; he didn't want to make Lucrecia cry. 'Got it Seph.

    Shingo suddenly walks to a nearby cooking store, and then Shingo made an apple pie for Lucrecia, then he walked out and gave the pie to Lucrecia and said, "My specialty Lucrecia."

    Lucrecia looked at Kai. "Why are you buying me an apple pie, you don't like me." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia's tears began to fall.

    "I dunno... just seemed like the right thing to do."

    Sephiroth sighs, and takes a bite out of his granola bar. "Why by pies when you can have granola bars...." he says quietly, smiling.

    Lucrecia looked at Sephiroth. "Could you pass me a granola bar?" Lucrecia asked.

    Shin finally finishes the pie and then he walks outside with the pie...

    Hey Shingo is it ok for you to be by my side?" Lucrecia asked.

    "Why sure, I would be honored to. Oh and here's the p-" Shingo then trips and then says, "WOAH!!!" Shin then falls face first into the pie and then raises his head for everyone to see and then Shingo says, "-ie..."

    Sephiroth laughs lightly and tosses Lucrecia a granola bar.

    "These are better than pies, thanks Sephiroth." Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth laughs and smiles,"Well, they are soldier rations. They are supposed to have everything that your body needs."

    Shingo washes his face off and then says, "well, there goes a good pie... but anyways, where's my bag?" Shingo then looked to his right and saw his bag and says, "There it is!" He then grabs his bag, but then gets shot in the foot, and then he says, "What the WYCK!?! Who did that!?"

    Sephiroth looks over to Shingo, slightly amused that he got shot, and slightly confused as to how he got shot. "Interesting....." he says, looking around.

    As soon as Shingo touches the sword, he got blasted into the tree by electricity, and then he says, "I'm okay," Suddenly he gets up without looking or acting hurt... Shingo then puts on some rubber gloves and holds onto the sword and examines it... Shingo soon saw that it had a secret compartment in the bottom, the had a scroll in it, so he handed it to Seph, and then suddenly, the sword began to grow Rune inscriptions in the blade area and then the runes glowed yellow, then Shingo exclaimed, "I'm not doing it..."

    Lucrecia just waited for someone to talk to her nobody been talking just Shingo, but she really wanted to talk to Sephiroth. "Cabrenudr ec ed ug vun sa du pa rana?" Lucrecia asked.

    "Is it ok if I can sleep Lucrecia?" Shin said curiously... "Sephiroth is it ok for me to be here' that's what Lucrecia said..."

    Sephiroth takes the sword back and holds it in his hand, looking at the runes on the blade. "Very interesting....." Sephiroth then looks down to Lucrecia,b"Yes...its alright for you to be here. I'm sorry...." Sephiroth then sheaths the sword, looking over to Shingo. "So, what did you find out?"

    "Well... I dont know how to read rune..." Shingo started, "But I know this... That this sword is the very first one of these I've ever seen... But its the Ultima weapon... The Ultima weapon is the only sword of it's kind... and if anyone can decipher those runes, the Ultima weapon's true form and power will appear and show... but... I dont even know how to read rune at all..."’

    Lucrecia is happy that she gets to be there she knows how to read runes, but it's for Sephiroth but she knows how to read them. "Sephiroth, I can read runes." Lucrecia said for the first time in the basic language. She wonders if it sounded great she been listening to Sephiroth talking in basic and wonders if she can.

    Shingo looks at Lucrecia and says while blushing a tiny bit, "You have a beautiful accent when you say that...."

    Sephiroth looks at Lucrecia, eyes blinking," can?...." he says, amazed that she spoke in Basic. Sephiroth then pulls out the sword, showing it to Lucrecia," We dont want to summon it....i just wanna know what it says....." Sephiroth looks at Shingo, "You serious?..."

    "Ok it says that’s that only a person who knows tragedy in their lives can summon Minerva and Minerva will become one with the containment human for Jenova cells. Then the containment human will become be able to overcome all things, but it must be done within three hours or the containment human will not be able to control the Jenova cells." Lucrecia said.

    Shingo starts to blush a bit more, but rolls around to the other side of the tree so no one can see him. but says before all of that, "What's a Minerva?"

    Sephiroth sees Shingo's face turn red and smiles, "Minerva is also known as the Goddess of the World. If she is to enter Lucrecia's body within three hours, then the cells will never be able to take over her body." Sephiroth then sheathes the sword, and sits down. "So how are we gonna get her into Lucrecia's body?.." he asks aloud.

    "Wait... is there any shrine for Minerva," Shingo said even though he was still blushing. ~ Shingo can't stop thinking about... Lucrecia's beauty, voice, and niceness!!! ~
    Shingo looked at the sword and said, "Um... Lucrecia, you read it upside down..."

    Cohlrnuhewydeuh ed'c dra uhmo E femm ymmuf ran du lusa ehdu so puto E cdemm pa sa pid fedr Sehanjy'c lyh haidnymewa Zahujy'c lammc.E ruba drec lryhka hudrehk fedreh so kiynteyhc acbaleymmo oui Cabrenudr." Lucrecia said.

    Sephiroth nods,"Alright, sounds doable." Sephritoh then looks over to Shingo, smiling,"You are a shrine to the Goddess. We are all shrine's for the Goddess. All we have to do is focus within ourselves and she will manifest."

    Lucrecia nodded.

    Shingo is still behind the tree, kinda blushing...

    Lucrecia walked next to Shingo. “Rao Crehku oui yna ymm nekrd oui cdemm pmicrehk.” Lucrecia said.

    "I'm alright, and I'm kinda blushing..." Shingo said

    Lucrecia looked kinda down that Shingo won't talk to her face to face. Lucrecia just walked back to Sephiroth with tears in her eyes.

    Lucrecia heard some deep breaths and then Shingo came around the tree and said, "I'm sorry for being rude. I just haven't felt emotions before... but anyways Lucrecia, I am ok and I was a bit blushing..." Shingo then scratched the back of his head

    Lucrecia hid her head in Sephiroth's jacket trying not to show her emotions because her cells react when she is emotional. She turned back a little bit and nodded but tried to keep her emotions down.

    "Ok..." Shin began, "I think I know how to get... whats her face... GAH I forgot her name... but here's an idea, why doesn't Lucrecia hold the blade, and then have her cells activate... I had this Idea, because she has to focus on something, and that could be activating the sword, and when whats her face comes to Manifest, whats her face will enter Lucrecia's about to be activated cell body which would stop from being activated and then happily ever after... whaddya think?"
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:11 pm

    Lucrecia looked at Shingo with fear in her eyes and for a good reason she doesn't want her cells to activate not now not ever she always wanted to have them neutralize, but this is getting crazy. "Yna oui lnywo, Crehku?" Lucrecia asked.

    Sephiroth smiles and looks down to Lucrecia, putting a hand on her shoulder ,"Actually, its not a bad idea. Besides the fact that you have to acctivate the cells. But theoretically it should work, all we have to do is manifest Minerva, and the one who called her will be the one that she will inhabit. All we have to do is make sure we time it just right." Sephiroth looks over to Shingo and smiles, "Very good thinking."

    Zera tool is heading back to get more peaches. Him now sporting a new jacket and two sack that seem full. He had a slight twitch in his eye when he saw them still there. He quietly grabbed some peaches. He then tried to sneak back to the village. After a few steps back he fell and made a loud noise.

    Lucrecia nodded but she is just afraid of the cells get activate once again. "Ug E'mm ku ymuhk fedr ed, pid Cabrenudr bmayca bnuseca sa uha drehk oui cdyo po so ceta yvdan drec ymm ujan?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia always love Sephiroth without knowing her reason why. She doesn't regret her life she thinks that Sephiroth walking into her life is a great thing now.

    "Lucrecia says 'Ok I'll go along with it, but Sephiroth please promise me one thing you stay by my side after this all over'"
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:12 pm

    Sephiroth smiles,"I promise, that i will forever be by your side Lucrecia." Sephiroth looks over to Shingo,"I know how ti activate the cells. Are you ready?"

    "Yes," Shingo said without a second to think.

    "What the hell are you two talking about I thought we were going to start to the temple tomarrow. If there is a new change of plans and it concerns leaving me that's fine too. But if I'm gonna have to deal with it then explain." He said getting off the ground.

    Lucrecia nodded she wanted to get this over with because she can't stand being a freak of nature. She always wished to be a normal girl she don't want to become a new Jenova. She wants to stay by her friends side. "Fuimt ymm uv oui cdyo po so ceta yvdan drec ymm ujan E dnayd ymm uv oui mega so bnaleuic vneahtc pid uha eh byndelimyn ec suna dryh dryd. Cabrenudr ec dra uha kio E mega dra sucd. Pid pacetac dryd oui yna ymm so bnaleuic vneahtc dryd E dnaycinat dra sucd. Wanydiam, oui acbaleymmo yht Gye, yht Crehku, yht Tnykuuh. Wanydiam, oui sekrd pa y meddma zang dryd cyoc ryncr drehkc pid oui yna ymcu geht. Fuimt oui cdyo po so ceta duu?" Lucrecia asked.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:14 pm

    "Ok... but first you should take a step to the left..." Shin says warningly and then says calmly after taking a step to the right, "We are trying to get Minerva to go inside of Lucrecia and if Minerva goes inside of her, the Jenova cells will deactivate..." Ich then translated for Lucrecia " 'Would all of you stay by my side after this all over I treat all of you like my precious friends but one in particular is more than that. Sephiroth is the one guy I like the most. But besides that you are all my precious friends that I treasured the most. Zeratuel, you especially and Kai, and Shingo, and Dragoon. Zeratuel, you might be a little jerk that says harsh things but you are also kind. Would you stay by my side too?' " Shin then replies " Of course I will stay by your side... in fact, I will be with you no matter what..."

    "Ha look here missy I give no promise of staying with you for all your days, But I did promise to go to thst temple with you. I will take you to the temple as we discussed before and I will make my decision there." He said with a grin and a intense look in his dull eyes.

    Sephiroth smiles and looks over to Zera,"Alright....not sure what is gonna happen after i activate her cells, but we should be ready for anything." Sephiroth brings out Genesis's sword and hands it to Lucrecia,"Here you go, right when you feel it say the words alright?" Not waiting for acknowledgement, he brings out Masamune and lifts it over his head, the point of the sword aiming at the sky.

    Zera prepared his halberd he only used one hand. He slung it against his back wondering what was going to happen next. He felt he was getting to old for this crap.
    "I ready fore sure...anything."

    Shin brings out his gun and his sword... (The swords name is Tengetsu)

    Lucrecia nodded and grabbing the sword. She doesn't know what is gonna happen, but she knows this is for the best. "Yes I'm ready, Sephiroth summon her quickly we are almost out of time." Lucrecia said. Lucrecia has been checking her watch. Lucrecia knows that she might not be able to control her cells for very long she managed to it all this time. "This isn't the second time my cells activate it happened once before back in Midgar." Lucrecia said.

    "Midgar?" Shingo asked, "Wait, we'll save it for later... all we are doing, is concerning for your health."

    Sephiroth nods and starts saying some words that seem incomprehensible, and then brings down Masamune, the hilt bashing at the base of her skull, hard enough to awaken the cells, but not hard enough to kill her. When the sword comes down and hits Lucrecia, Sephiroth says the final word, and a flash of power comes from the sword. "Now, we must wait. I know not how long it takes for Minerva to enter a human body, nor how long it will take to neutralize the Jenova cells."

    Shin notices the sword changing into the Ultima weapon and then he says, "Oh crap"

    Zera's eyes twitch slightlywhen her head gets hit, but does nothing about it. He knew that Sephiroth would know best on what to do and did not question him. I just stood there and watched.

    Lucrecia felt her body’s cells activate. Come on Minerva complete it synchronize with my body I need you to neutralize my Jenova cells before I become a new Jenova. Minerva heard Lucrecia and went inside her and neutralizes her Jenova cells. For I will stay in you until you feel like you can completely control the cells on your own. Minerva said. “Yes of course thank you Minerva, Genesis knew about this hence why I got the sword.” Lucrecia said. “Yes I will be inside you making sure your Jenova cells be neutralize for now your health will become better.” Minerva said. Lucrecia woken up and smiled. “Sephiroth I’m all right now.” Lucrecia said.

    "Well I'm glad... and a not a second to 3 hours, " Shin the points out that if we had wasted one second, the Minerva wouldn't come...

    Sephiroth smiles and sheaths Masamune. "Alright...that’s one obstacle out of the way." he said, scanning the horizon. "So, do we wanna head to the village now? Or do we wanna wait until sunrise tomorrow?" he asks.

    "If yer alright then I brought ya this." Zera chucked one of the bags he had by Lucrecia's feet. In there was a few new pairs of clothes. He looked at the group and leaned on a tree waiting to see what would happen next. This group seems to bring nothing but craziness he thought.

    She took the new clothes and went behind a bush and changed into her new clothes and she came back out. "Well what you guys think? Let's go I need Valefor we can sleep at the Inn if we wanted to and Sephiroth I want to talk to you more in private okay?" Lucrecia asked. Lucrecia doesn't want to waste a moment.

    A mosquito bites Shingo right before Lucrecia said what she said, causing Shingo to wake up and say, "ow..." and after what Lucrecia said, "Ok..."

    "Well missy Doesn't matter to me when we leave or go. Depends how far away it is I guess." Zera said looking towards the sky. Then looking at Lucrecia with a slightly warming smile.

    Lucrecia looked at Zera and noticed that everyone is worried about her health. "I really like the clothes." Lucrecia said.

    "Do you need anything Lucrecia? " Shin asked sleepily

    "Hmm so you can speak some english eh? Anyway we'll go when and if your ready just doesn’t push yourself. Oh and though you still have to wait till we get to the temple I have my answer if I'm going to be your guardian or not." He said with a grin waiting for Lucrecia reaction.

    "Some water be nice and food anything Al Bhed or Ronso be nice." Lucrecia said to Shingo she then turned to face Zeratuel. "Of coruse I can speak english some, but all right at the temple you have your answer but I really like you. All I ever wanted is some normal friends." Lucrecia said.
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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

    Post by Integra Hellsing on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:16 pm

    "Zera looks through his book a little. Huh ain't that something well what you get better by being in fresh water or something." Zeratuel says a little surprised.

    Sephiroth smiles,"Hello again Lucrecia.....i am glad that you could join us.." Sephiroth reaches into his long coat and takes out a little granola bar, taking a bite out of it.

    Kai smiled. "Only my brother would eat right now..." He laughed for a moment, then waited for Lucrecia's answer.

    Sephiroth smiles and raises the bar in acknowledgement. "Of is never wise to act upon an empty stomach..." he says as he takes another bite.

    Kai only laughs and smiled. "Fine, but." He was by his side in a second. "I get a bite too." He took a small bite of it, and was back by Lucrecia's side."

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    Re: The Al Bhed Summoner

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